conscious branding & business objective

kkz cb²o is a unique business, brand and A&R development group that partners with iconic and emerging entertainment entities alike to help nurture and maximize their growth potential and sustainability.

So whether you’re an up and comer looking to get heard, an entertainment entity looking for creative ways to repurpose your catalogue, or a legendary recording artist or athlete looking to navigate your way around the ever-changing digital jungle, our collective partnership has been envisioning and executing methods to do just that and more, for over 25 years.

Here’s the thing – moving forward, the most successful brands, bands and businesses won’t be able to just "feed" hungry fans and consumers products they don't need any longer.  On the contrary, the best of the best will cultivate a customer base, who’ll happily flock to their side, not solely because of their products or services, but because of the ancillary benefits that entity offers. Be that company or artist whose products and message actually make that patron’s life better than it would be without them, and brand loyalty becomes an entirely different subject.

We know this might all sound very pie in the sky and maybe even dare we say, hopeful, but even the most stringent and fierce business person can see that the world's not what it once was, and the only way forward (in any meaningful and sustainable way) is to cultivate and grow a fan base that actually cares about not only your content or products, but you the person or entity itself.  People will know without a doubt, through your actions, that you actually care about them.

That’s the kkz cb²o way and what we mean by Conscience Branding and Business objectives.

b(r)and evolution

We have no less of a mission than to help create the new blueprint for the music industry, especially regarding the industry’s relationship with artists.  In order to do that however, and to be successful at it, there can be no room for the “do as I say and not as I do” attitudes of yesteryear. Complete transparency or nothing. That’s key.

That said, some of the old must be reintroduced and reinvigorated including real A&R and the actual nurturing of talent – something that many of the conglomerates can no longer afford to do.

Keep it simple, real and authentic – shoot us an e and set up a time to talk with us – we’d love the opportunity to tell you how we do things here at kkz cb²o.

artist / b(r)and development

Patience – it’s every young artist’s Achilles-heel, but we can’t stress the importance of it enough. Taking whatever time is necessary to develop the very distinctive and singularly special relationship between ourselves and the artist is essential – we look at every situation individually and with a specific set of goals in mind – every opportunity is handled on a case-by-case basis across an array of services including: marketing, brand building, business development, true A&R, full-cycle recording and production, and overall career and asset management.

Each artist is unique, and we approach each task and project with a fresh outlook. No matter what stage of their career an artist is in, kkz cb²o is equipped with the experience and sensibilities to help build and or revitalize and sustain their business.

Reach out any time to get a better sense of what kkz cb²o can do for you.

kkz sports

Contained within kkz cb²o’s philosophy is our obligation to preach the importance of creating the foundation for the rest of your life, now, so when “the music ends”, and it will, you’ll have the confidence knowing that your career is far from over – in fact in some cases, it’s just getting started.

This is more than just a factoid for athletes. With a combined average (all sports) career at just over 5 years, “the songs” don't even get a chance at playing all the way through, before one’s career is over.

The systemic financial difficulties of athletes and athlete retirees has reached epidemic proportions. It is because of this that kkz cb²o's mission and expertise play perhaps an even bigger role within sports and athlete outreach than with any other part of the entertainment industry.

Feel free to reach out anytime if you’re Interested in learning more about how our conscience branding and business objectives ideology can help you.


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